[URGENT HELP] Surround Sound/Prologic


Sep 29, 2014
I got a F&D F6000U yesterday. The problem is that surround sound is not working properly.

The speaker has got two sound modes, Normal and Prologic.

When I set it in Prologic mode, I get every speaker working fine with the subwoofer also (with games and 5.1 movies), but it seems every speaker is outputting the same sound, that is, not surround. Just like a 2.1 speakers x 2.

when I set in normal mode, every speaker work as surround speakers, but the subwoofer won't work at all.

When it's in Prologic, no sound will come from the rear speakers when testing in Realtek software. But works in normal mode. But no subwoofer.
That means the speaker is working as 2.1 when it's in Prologic and the speakers itself turn the 2.1 audio to 5.1 which is not what I want.

What's should I do to get surround sound plus the subwoofer working?

My previous Creative speaker was great on surround, so I hopped this one would be too.

Am I doing anything wrong with the settings?

If nothing is possible, I need to file a complaint. That's why I wrote urgent help.

Sorry for the poor English BTW.. Had to write in a hurry. Hope you don't mind.