URGENT( need help with my PC)


Oct 22, 2014
Hello i am having a problem with my pc.
It all started 2 days ago i was playing dota2 and suddenly windows pop up nvidia kernel stopped working... And the screen went to BSOD & sometimes no display. I thought i was hit by a virus or something so i reset my pc to oem factory setting. But apparently it did not resolve the problem and my pc is having a panic attack(flickering and black screen & bsod) this also means that i am unable to get into desktop. I was so frustrated with this issue so i open my rigged and removed the nvidia card powering it on using VGA cable it has no issue at all but once i plugged in my nvidia gt 620 card in the issue come back. I am at the end of my wit tried every possible ways
Like using two big fan to cool the graphic card and its processor, cleaning the fan and stuff but it aint working.
This is my pc spec
Windows 8.1 x64
Intel I7
8GB ram
2TB hard disk
Quad core
Also to mention that i have never clocked before my nvidia graphic card GT620. But when i download the msi burner and managed to run in with a short time limit i managed to catch a glimpse of the setting of my card. If i remember correctly the card was running at 800 core. Hope someone can give me advice.


Jan 27, 2014
A few suggestions one might be your power supply I'm not sure the age of your unit but unstable power throughout your system could have effects on your card causing it to lockup an bluescreen. Also check to see if there are any driver updates for your card if there are maybe try updating.