URGENT: Need Laptop Suggestions for Work

Aug 20, 2018
Hi world,

I'm URGENTLY looking forward to buy a new laptop for work that lasts for next 4-5 years easily.

My MUST HAVE requirements are:
1. Processor: Core i7 8750H (6 Core processor)
2. Storage: 1TB HDD + Any size of SSD. (I'll replace SSD with "1TB Samsung 960 NVMe M.2" right away, so it MUST have NVMe M.2 slot available)
3. Ram: 16GB (I'd love to upgrade to 32GB right away)
4. Graphics Card: Anything from 1050i to 1070. (I'll hardly be doing any gaming)
5. Display: 1080p (144Ghz) - sRGB ratio must be 100% or close to it. (I really need an awesome panel)
5. Heat Management must be really really awesome, with multiple fans, multiple pipes & MUST NOT have any Thermal Throttling.
6. Build quality must be great. I would prefer more metal than cheap plastic.

Optional Preferences:
1. I would like a full RGB keyboard, but I guess not a deal breaker.
2. I don't mind having a 4K panel.
3. Obviously a bigger battery would be amazing, but I guess smaller battery won't be a huge problem.

What I'll be using it for:
I'll be using it for work & it must be able to manage heavy work load.
This is my normal work load:
- 150 Chrome browser tabs,
- Over a dozen Firefox over a dozen tabs,
- Several MS Word docs & MS Excel docs
- Some Photoshop work
- Skype, Slack
- Some movies
- And a bunch of other stuff.

My Budget: May be under $2000 but can go up a little bit.

Many thanks
Aug 20, 2018
Options that I looked into, but they're bad:

1. MSI Laptops: I looked into some MSI laptops, like (GT, GE, GP, GL series), but I realized all MSI models build quality is really cheap & there are a ton of people out there with a broken hinge, so I dumped MSI.

2. Acer Predator Helios 300: I looked into Acer Predator Helios 300, but it turns out they've heating issue.

3. Dell XPS 9570: I really wanted to get a Dell XPS 9570, but it got thermal throttling issues along with some other issues like CPU needing a repasting, bad wifi card etc. so I'll pass this option as well.

4. HP Omen: Overall not bad, but it comes with a really bad display panel.



Mar 11, 2018
I've had an MSI GS63 stealth for a few months now. Nothing feels cheap about it. Besides it's a finger print magnet, I've been very happy with it. It also doesn't look as ridiculous as some of the other "gaming" laptops.
Aug 20, 2018

MSI offers great specs & hardware, but I don't like the overall design much.
Also as I mentioned there are tons of people complaining the hinges issue in just couple of months, plus where I live, MSI don't offer warranty, so I'll pass MSI.
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