USB Connection in New Transformer Book Tablet

Bill_in Anacortes

Dec 25, 2012
I am very impressed with the specs for the upcoming Asus Transformer Book Hybrid PC/Tablet. I have a question that someone might be able to answer... I plan to use the Tablet (without keypad) in the field when doing my photography work. Bluetooth for GPS... and I use a software program that totally remotes my camera Live View and all camera functions to a PC. Problem is, it uses a USB cable... In all the articles on theAsus Transformer Book I have yet to see anything about it having a USB outlet on the Tablet.... Keyboard, Yes, 2.... Tablet, None. I can't believe that ASUS would produce a tabet portion without USB capabilities. Comments anyone?
Yeah, I was reading through reviews and looking at pictures of the Asus Transformer Book. There are no USB ports on the tablet itself. There's only a HDMI port and audio jack. So there's no way to directly connect a device to transfer files to/from the T-Book w/o the keyboard base.

I am actually interested in finding out when the 2nd version the T-Book will come out with a Haswell chip. If only Lenovo would update the ThinkPad X230t with a 1080p screen....