USB Flash Photos

You should be able to. It should actually come with a photo or gallery app, which would be where you would view the photos. Or you can download an app of your choosing from the Google Play Store.

If, however, the files are not showing up on the device after you copied them over, you may want to check the files extensions. If they are not a type of image that the tablet can read, then you won't be able to access them.


May 7, 2016



May 7, 2016
I tried the File Manager, Gallery, and Photos. They all loaded the MP4s but the photos weren't listed. I copied all the folders to an SD Card, where all the folders loaded, photos and videos. I was able to view the photos in Gallery, Photo, and the File Manager. The USB still only listed the MP4 folders and files.
I opened the files on my PC to make sure they were there. My sister has the same problem. Her wedding photos were given to her on a flash drive. Th photos are JPEG.
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