Question Use Apple Earphones as a mic on Dell XPS 13

Apr 30, 2020
I have a Dell XPS 13 (9360) Laptop, and I would like to use my Apple Earphones as a recording device, for say, a voiceover.

There are two problems with this, and I don't know how to solve either.

1) My laptop only has a headphone jack. I don't have the microphone jack like most desktop computers do. The headphone jacks works fine, but I know that usually to record a microphone, you need to enter it in a microphone jack. What do I do in this case. Do I need an adapter? If so, can you please link me an amazon link.

2) Is this even possible with apple earphones? I know they are constructed in a different way, and it would work on a Mac, but I have a windows computer. Is it still possible to record, using something like a headphone to usb adapter and recording with that?

Thank you


That is a combo jack not a headphone jack, if you look at the icon it's a picture of a headset with a mic, which means it is a 4 pole combination mic and headphone jack.

The apple buds have a different plug than normal headphones, don't think there are adapters for them, at least I could not find it. I actually answered this question last year it looks like

Get these with a mic for $50, you will thank me once you hear how they sound


@hang-the-9 - those headphones with mic are wild...never saw anything like them. Where is the mic? Is it in-line with the cable or built into the in ear devices???

Inline on the cable, good quality also, I used them when gaming with my wife online when I was on business trips using the Blizzard chat for World of Warcraft and for calls, sounds pretty good.

Those headphones would be the best sounding ones in that price range for most people and even higher price. I sold a set of well reviewed $170 IEMs and also my Bose wireless ones because I was using these $50 more than either of those LOL

Plus those, and other good IEMs come with a removable cable so you can get fancy with the cable you use (although many don't have a mic). Quite a bit of customizing you can do with your headphones if you buy the right ones, audio stuff is similar to the mechanical keyboard market, you can get into a lot of fun customization if you buy the right base to use it with.

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