Using Razer Manowar Headphones with receiver


Oct 28, 2016
I already own the Razer Man O War headset which is a wireless Blutooth headset that has a usb dongle. Typically, its used for PC/PS4 gaming where the dongle is plugged into the PC and the headset connects to it. Im trying to connect this setup to my receiver so I can use the headphones for watching tv, movies, etc. while the family sleeps. The receiver I have is the Yamaha RX-V679. It does have a USB port in the front but when I plug the usb blutooth dongle into it, it says it's not supported. The only other options I found are some type of conversion connectors where the headphone jack converts to USB although I'm not sure if that will also provide power for the dongle, if it needs power. Thanks in advance for all the advice and help.