Solved! Using surround to split PC audio to different devices

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Jan 5, 2019
My headphones, speakers and earpiece all use 3.5mm jacks. In my use case I need to be able to route sound to them all independently and have them all play different audio simultaniously.

Windows has some limited support for this but im also running out of audio outputs.

I'm hoping a sound card might help here, though i've not found any with 3 headphone outputs.

To get around this I'm hoping I might be able to rig something up with the surround sound featured on most sound cards. I'm looking at a Creative Sound Blaster Z with 5.1 surround

My hope is that I can either use creatives software to route different applications to different L/R outputs, or that it will expose each L/R output as a sound device to windows and let me route the audio through windows.

Is this possible? And how would a sound card cope with some very asymetrical devices with different power requirements being used for surround?
FYI, I hope ur not looking for a $30 solution, 'cuz is gonna cost u some Mulla. You are looking for multi-channel output hardware.

The normal surround channels on a consumer audio gear is not accessible to you.


Nov 2, 2015

If you can give details about exactly what you’re trying to do we might be able to help.
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