Utilize Realtek Rear Left and Right output as a standard output


Feb 4, 2016
Hi all!
So I'm sure all of you have got a motherboard with the standard 5 rear analog jacks. Headphones/Speakers, Mic in, Line in and then there are two others. The orange connector is a sub output and the black is for the rear left and right channels of a surround output. I was wondering if there was any way that I could use either of these ports as a secondary output, so the rear of my computer can output 2 different audio streams.

The Rear L and R connector definitely does output stereo sound, because if you connect headphones to this and then play a sound using the tester in the Realtek Driver Software it can play a different sound through both channels. So surely there has got to be some way that you can use this port as another bog standard audio out

Just to clarify I would like these two outputs to appear as different audio devices in the windows sound device menu, I don't want to use them as part of a surround system

Thanks all in advance!
of course you will get audio when testing, its playing the sounds for the rear channels. in actual practice though its not going to work without specialized software telling it to do that instead of 5.1.

another thing that fights you is that windows likes only one audio device at a time, not two. to get around that you need software.

virtual audio cable or the various similar programs out there are what you're looking for. one of the other users chimed in with another alternative to this program but i dont recall the link.