utorrent being virusy

Jul 24, 2018
Hello, I am trying to remove utorrent on my windows 10 system. I initially went and removed it through my Add/Remove apps settings but has since persisted and opens upon log-in. I've now gotten as far as locating the folder in my Appdata/Roaming directory but when I try to delete it's parent folder, I'm prompted with a message stating the folder is in use (which it is not), and brings the process to a halt until I can close this folder that's not even open. I've looked into my task manager to no sign of it being active, and checked my services app, also providing no info. Is there anyway around this with out installing a third party uninstaller/formatting hd? Thanks to those who reply.
Try disconnecting your system from the network and rebooting. Then check to see if the process is still running.
Check your list of startup programs (Task Manager --> Startup) and see if it's listed there.

-Wolf sends