Question Vertical lines on screen.

Nov 20, 2022
Hello, I have a JVC Android 58" tv that has just lost its picture and instead has blurred vertical strips of various changing widths in black, purple and some green. The sound is unaffected. It is about 2 years old with half of that in storage. Had a lot of storm/lightning activity about a week ago if that could be a factor. Is there a likely cause and remedy anyone can suggest ?
Dec 5, 2022
From this link:

It sounds like your main logic board is bad or perhaps the T-Con board. The T-Con board generates the signals for forming the picture on the TV.

You may try using a different source for the video to see how the picture is connected. That might help troubleshoot further. For example, if you have an older laptop with VGA output and your TV has a VGA input, then try a 15-pin VGA cable to connect the two. I don't know what video inputs that TV has. You could also try RCA video (from a DVD player or VCR) input too.

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