Question Vertical Lines on Vizio TV


Apr 22, 2015
I have a Vizio E50-E3 and the top LED backlight was failing so I ordered replacement strips, disassembled the TV, replaced the strips, and reassembled the TV to a new problem. I have attached a picture of what I'm experiencing now - a few big black and white vertical sections along with some colored lines. All vertical. I am assuming it's some sort of connection problem in the reassembly? I felt like I did a good job putting everything back the way it was - I was pretty slow and methodical. Clearly I must have missed something. I'm hopeful some of you guys might see this and have an idea of what specifically is causing the problem to help me focus my efforts. I don't want to blindly and repeatedly disassemble/reassemble to troubleshoot as it took me a good while just to do it one time. Looking for a little help on what to focus on.




Sep 30, 2021
I recently opened my 40" Hisense to "fix" a vibrating left speaker. Put Back together got the same lines ...Grrrrrrrrr!
Opened it back up, a PITA
Along the bottom were two thin sets of multi pin connectors and thin flat multi strand wire "straps" that did not look exactly correct (I could see the copper fingers) as not fully in the connector.
I carefully released the small plastic LOCK, (it flips up to release) eased the connector all the way in and locked it back down. Before screwing the back on I carefully powered it up and the screen was back to normal.