Video Editing Laptop


Oct 3, 2015
Hi, I'm close to doing the big jump over to Apple, but would probably prefer not to.

I'm looking for a laptop to do lots of photo editing, some video editing and hacking Facebook with. I also need it to be portable (15" or less, 5lbs or less).

I've been looking at quad-core i7 16gb ram, at least 256 SSD and at least 2gb dedicated video.

I've been looking like it was my full time job for almost 2 months now and can't find anything other then the Macbook Pro that gets good reviews ... All the others always have complaints of overheating, noise or a weak construction. My initial budget was $1500 (Canadian) but now I'm considering doubling it to $3000 to get a refurbished Macbook Pro (it would come in just under $3000 with tax) ... Please tell me that there's someone other then Apple that knows how to make a Laptop properly!? ... I currently have a 4 year old HP with an i7, 8gb ram and 1 gig dedicated video that still works great, but heats, is noisy, weighs more then my car and the casing is falling apart at the seams (literally), so it would take a lot to convince me to buy another HP

Thanks for any suggestions

I can only think of 2.

1. Asus ux501. But I have heard bad things about the screen. Not sure if they are true.
2. Auros v15, 15 inch model, not sure about the name. This is a good laptop and should be able to do what you need it to do. And you should be able to customise it to fit your needs.