Video via Displayport & audio via Hdmi... Yet again =(


Feb 19, 2017
Hi everyone!

So I have been going through forum after forum and website after website and I have yet to find a real answer to my question. I hope someone here can give a straight forward answer... I would greatly appreciate it =)

First off my rig:
Windows 10
Msi carbon gaming z270
Gtx 1080 ti
Acer X34 (100hz & gsync)
Haven't bought a receiver or speakers yet... As I am unsure as to what I need to make it all work...

My basic goal:
I want to be able to play games on my computer and enjoy 7.1 surround sound while using a 100hz G-sync monitor. I am also thinking of using VR in the future...

My problem:
1. Video output needs to be via display port to be able to make use of the 100hz & gsync
2. Sound needs to get into the amp/receiver somehow... Via HDMI from the GPU I guess?

The only and frankly really weird way to make this work it seems is to set windows to dual display mode (duplicate screen) and then have it output the sound via HDMI...
This feels totally makeshift and incorrect. And I think it even takes up a lot of cpu/gpu power as you are simulating a second screen or? Could maybe get weird in some games, especially VR.

Can anyone tell me how the actual correct way to make this setup work would be? Is there no better solution?

Oh and... While I am at it. Does anyone have a good suggestion for a good amp/receiver for gaming? I'd like to be able to use Dolby atmos/DTS/DDL etc...

Thanks very much in advance...



Question from Cymatrelic : "How to solve the Video via DP & Sound via HDMI problem...?"

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