Solved! Viewing a laptop display on a desktop PC without remote access?


May 24, 2017
I'm looking to stream art from my desktop. I have a Tablet PC that I've been using to stream, but my desktop PC has a better processor and graphics card, making it easier to stream off of that. Since I already have a Tablet PC with a digitized screen for pen input, I don't want to spend any more money on components to stream, or take apart my Tablet PC and void the warranty just to use it like a Cintiq for my desktop. Basically, I want a way to view my tablet PC's screen through a window on the desktop, without taking remote control of it. Taking remote control logs me out of the tablet PC, making me unable to use the digitized screen to draw. I have heard of the Windows Store Digital Tablet app, but from the reviews it seems unreliable. Is there a way for me to essentially stream my tablet PC's display to my desktop locally, so I can then stream from my desktop? I would prefer not to buy any more hardware, and avoid third party options unless they are exclusively what allow me to do this.