Solved! vintage pioneer amplifier not producing sound

Mar 5, 2018
hey all, ive reecently purchasaed a 1977 SA 6500 ii amplifier that came with the radio unit as well as two beautful original speakers. my problem is when everything is hooked up properly, the volume is almost non-existent as also very scratchy. ive checked into it hoping it just needs cleaning but afraid it might need recapped or transistors. any input before i open it up and start cleaning? just by looking through the vents you can tell its filthy. any input is greatly appreciated. thanks! Cale.
Step one is to check out the speakers on another system to make sure that they work properly. If the speakers have any controls or switches on them these can age. The speakers themselves could be bad as well.
Make sure that the tape monitor switches are in the off position. Make sure the speaker selector switch is set to the terminals you connected the speakers.
Use a reliable source rather than the tuner since that could have issues. Your phone would be fine.
You can get owner and service manuals here
Mar 5, 2018
Checked the speakers, they work like a champ, I popped the back off of the amp and did a quick clean and light dusting and found two blown fuses. Figuring that was the problem, I replaced them and kicked it back on. Didn’t even get passed the 4 second delay (which I know is normal) and the fuses popped again. No idea what the issue is.
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