Question Vizeo e65c3

Feb 14, 2020
So I have a vizeo e65c3 I had picture but t it had dark spots in the tv. I replaced all the LEDs and put everything back together and powered on the tv and the LEDs are working I just have a black screen now. So I took it back apart and the board that has the internet connection and the HDMI plug ins seems to be a little burnt could that be my problem or could I have damaged something in the process of replacing the LEDs?


I can get the board that is burnt for 70 bucks is it worth a try
Depends on what you feel about it vs replacing. You are basically gambling the replacement cost of a new TV and saving $70 if the board swap does not fix it vs only costing $70 if the board does fix it. Considering a used working 65" TV would be a few 100, see how you feel about it. You either pay 70 and it's fixed, or pay 70 and it's not fixed and then you replace it losing the cost of the part. Or try another part.