Question Vizio M70-

Nov 25, 2022
Good day,

I have a Vizio M70-C3 TV. When I press the power button, The standby light turns-on the and the optic fiber red light turns on also.
Then the standby light blinks on once then it blinks 16 times. Then the optic fiber light turns off. After a few minutes, the standby light blinks 13 times.
The power supply seems good, all the voltages are there but the T_Con on doesn’t have power coming from the main board.
The back light don’t come on.
I changed the main board, the back light driver board (it’s separate) and the T_Con board. No luck.
There are 16 strips of back light each fed by an individual power source from the LED driver board.
It’s almost impossible that all the LED strips have burned out at the same time. Could the panel have gone bad and shut down completely?