Vizio: No power and chirping noise when power is plugged in


Jul 5, 2017
I was watching my Vizio M50-C1 television when then screen went black (no back-light), and a chirping / clicking noise was heard. the TV would not respond to the power button on the remote or on the back of the TV. When the TV was removed from power, the noise stopped.

I tested the outlet with other devices, those worked fine. Next, I opened the back panel of the TV, and tried to identify the location where the sound originated. The sound appears to be coming from the same board that the power is plugged into, but on the opposite side (still trying to figure out how to add image).

There does not appear to be any damaged components - capacitors do not look bulged or leaking. what would be the best way to find / replace any defective component?

Thank you in advance!