vizio plasma, no power AT ALL after replacing power board?

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jdaniel 125

Jul 14, 2015

i have this 2007 50 inch vizio TV that my grandparents gave to me. it had random blackouts and kept power cycling and the whole TV eventually stopped working. it would power on and the green light would come on but there would be no display. no backlight. nothing.

so, i took it apart and found out that the power board had 1 exploded capacitor and 3 swelled up capacitors. that was why it kept power cycling and blacked out.

then i went on buyqual and bought a used power supply for the TV that was confirmed working. when i got it in the mail. the capacitors were fine and there were no signs of damage.

i took apart the TV, and fixed in the new power board and plugged everything in to the right places. then i plugged in the power cord. and it didn't work.

the orange standby light on the front of the TV wasn't lighting up and the power button didn't do anything. right now i have the TV plugged in and im gonna leave it like that over night to let the board get some power since it hasn't been plugged in in 8 days since it took that long to be delivered. if that doesn't work, does anyone know why the TV isn't getting any power?
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