Question VPN which is compatible with IOS 9.3.5?


Jan 6, 2017

Can anyone recommend a VPN provider which is compatible with IOS 9.3.5?

I recently installed Ivacy on the grounds that it ticked most of the boxes I wanted from a VPN. Unfortunately, when I tried to download a programme from the BBC Iplayer on my tablet (on which IOS 9.3.5 is installed), I was unsuccessful.

I have investigated the possibility of installing the latest version of IOS on my tablet, but the option to do so is not appearing (I have followed the procedures as described by Apple and other websites, but every time I attempt to do so, the message ‘Your Ipad software is up to date, etc. etc…...’.)

(As an aside – a lot of new apps appear to be incompatible with IOS 9.3.5, which makes it doubly frustrating that I can’t upgrade. Apple’s cunning plan appears to be that they expect you to bear the expense of buying one of their new tablets).

As I cannot upgrade from IOS 9.3.5, I’m now looking for a VPN provider which is compatible with this OS. Can anyone make any suggestions, or offer any advice?

Many thanks in anticipation.


You must have an older iPad since 4 and up should be able to upgrade to IOS 10. If you want to get something that can run a newer IOS, the 5 and newer support even newer IOS versions than 10. A used iPad 5 should not cost much if you want to have support for newer programs.
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