Wanted Laptop for Game development (like Unity 3D,Blender&Photoshop)


Aug 14, 2010
Hoping to get into college this year and start learning programming/game development etc started messing with Unity 3D and other programs (Blender/Photoshop) wanting a laptop i can take to college and work on and then bring home and carry on rather then you USB sticks.

Currently have a desktop pc so i know that are better for this kind of thing but convenience for college id like a laptop.

Would ideally like to customize my own so was wondering if anyone knew any sites apart from pcspecialist that do this or if you can recommend a laptop that would be great.

the needs are:
Unity 3D

Thanks all

Oh p.s im in the UK so will be purchasing from there.


Aug 14, 2010

No max price really at the moment, guess specs would be high (very gpu intensive i would imagine) storage isnt an issue as have externals lieing around and i guess 1920x1080 would be better for the uses i want.
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