Wanted to upgrade HTC one to GPE and ended up wiping the OS


May 15, 2014
I wanted to upgrade my HTC one (AT&T) to the Google Play Edition because it looked better to me, went through the whole rooting & unlocking process, well aware of the voiding of my warranty with them. I got to the part where I needed to S-OFF my phone to actually install GPE and that's where I decided not to. I wanted to return to my original no root, no unlocked state. I ended up wiping the OS off the phone. I tried to flash a stock rom to the phone with no avail, when the phone wiped itself it somehow managed to corrupt the internal storage. Is there any way to fix this or will I have to live without a phone for another 3 years?


Apr 15, 2014

Run an RUU. It is just a program on your computer that restores the HTC to stock no matter what happened to it. I have saved my HTC One from a bricked (unbooting) state by using it.

In order to find your RUU, what carrier are you and what OS were you on before (we need to know the build #). That should show up in the bootloader info at the top.

Hope that helps!