News Watch out Switch 2 — Sony could finally be making a new PlayStation handheld


Mar 7, 2022
The problem with those cloud handhelds is that they don't have 5G except for the Verizon exclusive Razer edge. I'd buy a Nintendo phone in a heartbeat, and for the past few years I wondered what would've happened if Microsoft released an Xbox phone. I almost bought the Xperia Play back in the day except for the crappy carrier exclusivity.

The irony is that Sony got a head start when they bought onlive but then squandered the technology. They also had momentum with the PSP. The handheld space is pretty crowded now, especially with all the PC handhelds. Sony still has a number of exclusive franchises, but their PC ports might harm their handheld ambitions. However I'm mostly a PC player so I'm happy that exclusives are largely a relic of the past. I actually bought an Xbox over PlayStation because of cross compatibility.