News We showed people the Galaxy Z Fold 5 vs. Pixel Fold side by side — here’s the design they prefer

Aug 14, 2023
I started off on the original Pixel phone when it launched. Then moved to Samsung when the edge series was introduced, through the S21 Ultra. Now I have recently jumped to the Pixel Fold.

I love the shorter wider screen, much easier for one handed use.
I actually prefer the bezels. It gives you real estate to hold on to the phone, without covering important information and having to reposition your hands.
Stripped down Android is so much less intrusive now.
Having a more square screen almost gives you two options for landscape mode depending on the app.

Slow charging and battery life are a bit of a bummer.
The fingerprint scanner works great. But when it's in a phone mount it can be cumbersome to use.

So 2 weeks in, so far no buyers remorse.