Weird FPS drops, increased hdd seek time


Dec 27, 2015

Some weird things started to happen after my laptop took a nasty fall. It's a HP 450 g1 with an i7, amd hd8750, 8 gigs of ram. so basically what happened was i was able to run most of my games with decent fps, somewhere within the 70-80 fps range which was more than enough for me, laptop was running when it fell and shut off. after i turned it on first off i noticed some crazy screen tearing going on. After that the game would run fine for a while, then the frames would drop to 30fps or lower, my hdd seek time would increase to 30-40 ms, sometimes even 60 (default avg seek time is ~20ms) and the percentage of cpu power would drop from something like 60% to 30-40%.

I tried defragmenting my hdd hoping that would help to some instance (it was in a pretty bad shape, around 20% of fragmentation) but it didnt do too much, tried changing things around in amd control panel to force low graphics settings and so on, forced high performance settings - nothing. The cpu fan is clean, i clean it about every 2-3 months. Weird thing is, it doesnt matter what kind of graphical fidelity i've set in the game, same thing seems to happen over and over disregarding what kind of game it is. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!
if your laptop was on when it fell then the hard drive is damaged. make your recovery disks if you haven't already, safe your data & buy a new laptop hard drive for your laptop.