Weird icons - possible detonator problem?


Jun 5, 2002
The following happened a while back and I am seeing symptoms of it happening again. I have no idea what really causes this problem so any help or hint would be appreciated. this is what happened:
- After a normal boot, I suddenly noticed that some of the icons in the favourites of Microsoft Explorer (6.0.2600)show messed up colors. This is only for "thumbnail" icons, when i open the folder the full size icons look normal.
- Over several days I noticed these weird icon colors. It seems that more and more of the small icons change color, this also happens in the Windows explorer, even to standard icons like the .txt or .html icons.
- Then one day the machine "freezes" on boot. The color bar keeps moving, but after several minutes windows still doesnt come up, so I reset.
- Now things get really ugly: When I boot up again I get the "windows didnt start correctly menu", but I selected "normal" anyway. Windows boots, but in basic VGA mode, 16 colors or so. System wants to install vid card drivers, I decide to let it install standard VGA driver first, but, horror, I cant because my CD-drives are gone as well.
In the system manager I notice that only very basic things are functioning, my network card, gameport, soundcard, CD-drives dont even show up (no warning icon, they are just gone).
- I can't remember exactly in what sequence i proceeded from here. I think I rebooted, still no CD, uninstalled the detonator driver that still showed up in the software list. rebooted. Now I had my CD drive back, but System Manager now shows two IDE controllers and two keyboards. After removing all instances of double hardware (allways had to remove both instance or I would end up with double hardware again) and rebooting things get back to normal.
- I reinstalled the detonator drivers and everything has been running nicely since.
- this morning I get funny colored icons again...

MY System:
Home built:
- EPOX 8k3a Motherboard
- AMD Athlon XP 1800+
- 512 MB RAM
- Leadtek Winfast A250TD (GF4 Ti 4400)
- Maxtor 6 L040J2 40 GB HD
- Liteon DVD LT136
- HP 4x CD writer

Windows 98 SE (german)
Detonator 29.42
On startup: USDM (EPOX system monitoring tool), DirectCD, AC97 Audio manager for on board sound chip Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0.2600

Can anybody point me to possible sources of this problem and tell me what I could do against it?

Edit: let me add this bit of info: I originally started with the Leadtek drivers that came with the vidcard 8Winfox), then installed 28.32 detonator then 29.42. I always removed the driver in add/remove software, installed the Win98 standard VGA then installed the new drivers. Never used Detonato destroyer, hadnt heard of it until very recently.
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Apr 14, 2002
Have you done any Overclocking on this machine, or is it set at standard specs, I'm asking this because I experienced almost the same problem but I was OClocking.

I solved my problem and do not have it anymore by bumping up my processor voltage to 1.84v it seemed that the TI-4400 seemed to respond better with the XPS voltage increased. This may or may not solve what you're experiencing because I am running a different motherboard SOYO with an AMD XP1900+ processor.

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