Question weird soundbar problem

Jul 19, 2021
I have no idea why this is but my Phillips HTL2151 soundbar works fine when playing internet things like YouTube and Netflix and whatnot but when I try to play music (MP3s on the computer itself) no sound at all comes out. It is frustrating because I cannot think of a single reason why this should be. I got it to use for my music studio computer. The soundcard is a Steinberg UR22 which I use because I use Cubase as a DAW. And like I said, when I play YouTube or some other internet sound the soundbar works fine but when I try to play music NOT from the internet . . . nothing, nada, no sound at all. I have checked all the settings such as whether the sound is on using various music players such as Groove or Winamp and they are not muted at all. They are set fine. The computer volume itself is fine. I am ready to pull my hair out because that computer is not supposed to be connected to the internet at all - it is ONLY supposed to be used for making and playing music. If anyone can help me figure this out I would greatly appreciate it.

One other thing: I bought the soundbar at Goodwill and it didn't come with a remote. But it just makes no sense to me that sound will come from internet sources - through the UR22 - but not directly from MP3s or Cubase or anything NOT internet

One final thing: headphones plugged into the UR22 work fine with regular computer audio. Unfortunately they are limiting and get in the way when I simply want to hear playback from speakers. For the most part I usually only use headphones when I am adding vocals to tracks so there is no background noise.
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Jul 19, 2021
Are you using the Aux In or the digital input? Does it work normally on the computer motherboard audio?
I am using the aux in coming from the UR22 headphone output, which has an adapter for a guitar cord sized cable. In other words, the headphone output is guitar cord sized but the adapter is for two male 3.5mm going from the UR22 to the soundbar.

I can check the computer motherboard audio because I haven't checked that but it still makes no sense to me that sound from YouTube or Netflix plays fine on the soundbar and it is coming out of the UR22 just fine. And playing MP3s works fine if I use headphones instead of the soundbar (which means I know for a fact sound is coming from Winamp or Groove out of the UR22) but it simply won't play the sound on the soundbar.

I have tried to think of some - ANY reason why this is happening and I just can't. I KNOW sound is coming out of the UR22 when I play MP3s because the sound plays just fine on headphones. And I know it isn't a connection issue because the soundbar plays audio from internet sources just fine - it just won't play sound from a computer audio player like Groove or RealPlayer or WinAmp. It's making me crazy because it makes absolutely no sense. But I'll TRY using the motherboard output but I know the UR22 is set up to be the default sound source.
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