What are some CPU,GPU and RAM intensive tasks?


Apr 18, 2014

so I was thinking about buying a new laptop, and since I am a computer science major, I wanted to leave many possibility( in terms of spec) for the computer.

I at first was thinking about new Razer Blade 14 inch one (obviously quite expensive but was close to my ideal spec except for 8gb RAM)

But then I realized there are ultrabooks which does not have great graphics card but still much cheaper.

So it got me wondering. most of the Ultrabooks seemed to have i5 as CPU and HD4400 as GPU

Is this really enough spec for most of tasks except for gaming?

I'll be more specific

1. what are some examples of computer tasks that demands good CPU power??

2. Given that we completely rule out the option of gaming, what are some GPU intensive tasks?
(tasks that HD4400 won't sufficiently handle)

3. What about RAM??

4. Overall, what do you think I should go for?(razer blade? ultrabook? any other things in your option?) After all, I am a dedicated gamer, so I would be really happy if I have good enough performance for gaming along with my ideal specs (good CPU, touch-screen, light weight, thin -- portable, SSD, and suited for most of even advanced type of computing tasks)

but if the price makes a whole world of difference by just giving up gaming, I am willing to do so

as long as other features that I want is present, gaming performance is not the most important thing I'm looking for

My friend said ultra book has better CPU than razer blade but it obviously doesn't seem so..

if there are any out there, please recommend me some suitable options for my situation

Thank you very much!!


For easier recommendation of laptop here are some specs that I really am looking for in my new laptop :

1. Thin (not too necessary) , light (absolutely necessary, 2.5 kg at the most..)

2. SSD

3. USB3.0 ports and ethernet port (this isn't too necessary)

4. touch screen

5. good CPU and RAM ( I would say aorund 16GB will be more than enough? -- I am thinking of using VMware to boot Mac OS every so often)

6. Very work-friendly... accurate and well designed keyboard

7. great wireless connection

8. preferably long battery life (at least 5 hours)

9. GPU as above.. it will be BETTER if I have great performance for gaming too, but if not, GPU that works for most GPU intensive tasks other than gaming will be fine

Price is not too much of a concern. I've been looking things up but I have not quite found one I like better than Razer blade 14 inch.

If the laptop really has all the features I want, I wouldn't mind if it's a bit expensive

Thank you very much :D

1. Compiling programs, 3D rendering, financial / scientific modelling, video encoding or and other kind of compression / decompression, data mining.

2. 3D rendering. Playing 4k resolution (ultra HD) video on a 4k resolution monitor. Actually it can playback 4k video, but only at 24 FPS which is perfectly fine for movies since they are filmed at 24 FPS.

3. Large databases, working on very high resolution images in programs like Photoshop or any other professional image editing software. Very large and complex spreadsheets.

4. For the price of a Razor Blade 14 ($2,000 - $2,500 on Amazon depending on the configuration) I would rather get an inexpensive ultrabook or lightweight laptop and blow the rest of the money on a desktop gaming PC. Once you buy the Rzaor Blade you basically cannot upgrade it beyond a new SSD and maybe RAM (unless it is soldered in). I have also read that the Razor Blade 14 gets really hot. You can build a pretty good gaming PC yourself for $1,000.

If you are going to go with the Razor Blade 14, then I recommend a cooling pad for it. I will be ordering the DEEPCOOL Multi Core X6 Laptop Cooling Pad from Newegg.com pretty soon, just need to fill up the shopping cart with other junk that I may want, like a new power supply and stuff.


It has 4 fans to keep the laptop cool. All 4 can be turn on, or just the top 2 fans, or the bottom 2 fans.