What do laptops do


Nov 1, 2012
Hello, I am doing a school project on how laptops work, so I was just wondering what things a laptop can do e.g. Run Software. Thank you :)

A Bad Day

Nov 25, 2011

But it's mobile, unlike a desktop. Good luck hauling that 10-20lb rig around at the airport, school or office. Might also need some pain killers for the back pain.

Compared to tablets, you can type/create documents on laptops. Tablets don't have the capability, yet.

There are a few types of laptops, some classification overlap each other:

Low range: Cheap, usually light and small. Best for high mobility and light tasks such as word processing and videos. Gaming is usually not recommended.

Mid range: Usually has more computing power, more weight, bigger screen, more features, and occasionally longer battery life. Could be mid range business, gaming, etc. Something like compromise of everything.

Thin laptops: Usually between mid and low range and are thinner, though are only sometimes lighter. Usually more expensive though.

Desktop Replacements: Big screen, big keyboard, decent performance. Usually has poor battery life because it's meant to be a mobile desktop.

High range business: Typically has tons of features geared towards business, including fingerprint reader (for security). It also usually has long battery life. A few high ends also have two monitors, just pull one out and voila. I do believe IBM is well known for this.

High range gaming: Best for gaming obviously. Typically has short battery life and is heavy due to the more powerful hardware needed to run the games at high settings. Sometimes interchangeable with Desktop Replacements.

Specialty: Such as military grade laptops (drop one 10 meters, it doesn't break), laptops with 64 GB of RAM (mining data analyzing on field purposes), etc. Usually they're quite expensive.


Jul 5, 2011
Laptops work the same way desktops do. the operating system is told by programs to do a certain task and the operating system tell sthe hardware to do the work and send the information back to the operating system and software/programs. thats abotu as simple as i can describe it without being totally off.
Laptops can do everything a desktop PC can do only slower because desktop PCs have more powerful CPUs. Laptops are also capble of playing games if the graphic card is powerful enough, but overall not as well as desktops.

On the bright side, they are portable and consumes less electricity.

On the dark side, overall less powerful, and more expense for a comparable PC with the same performance.