[WHAT ELSE IF NOT OVERHEAT]I’ve just replaced thermal paste along with gumpaste, cleaned fans and laptop still turns off

Jan 21, 2019
So my laptop is Acer aspire v15 nitro black edition vn7-593g, It has i7-7700HQ, GTX 1060 6gb and 16gb of ram and 500gb hard disk.
Been playing since day 1, lately been turning off unexpectedly, so I replaced thermal paste, and still the same, now I replaced once more, and the thermal gums all over aswell, and cleaned completely fans and stuff down there using compressed air .. but its still the same.
Been using Oporal vacuum as cooler, and cooling pad since day 1.
Its not overheating, Been checking with MSI program, its never going higher than 75/80 degrees(like how it did in the past)
What seem to be the problem?
Thank you for your time!