Question What game could I get for my iPad that is like Wing Commander 3?

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Jun 30, 2019
Just looking for Wing Commander 3 for my iPad. The one that actually makes Wing Commander for iPad is going to be one rich person!
These are the some Space Sims games I recommend :
  • Elite: Dangerous-this is more of a spaceship sim, you fly a ship doing missions, and it's a huge game.
  • Eve Online-a space MMO with an extremely steep learning curve. If you can get past that then it's very fun and enjoyable, and a very deep game.
  • Kerbal Space Program-is best if you want something far more realistic
  • Space Rangers 2-It's unbelievably addictive. Being able to trade, explore ect is awesome in that game

Please read the post before replying, this is for an iPad not a computer. It's in the Tablet, iPad section of the forums.
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