Question What is dual SIM / eSIM ?


Feb 4, 2021
Hello, what is Dual SIM / eSIM? Are there phones with 2 SIM cards (electronically and/or physically)? I want to have two plans on my phone, so I need to have two different SIM cards. Do I need to buy a second phone to do this? Are there phones with 2 SIM cards?

Is this an iPhone feature where you can have two SIM cards? If yes, which iPhone?


The iPhone Xr, Xs, SE (2020), 11 and 12 support eSIM, including their variants. Which may be used in conjunction with a regular SIM. There's also multi SIM adapters.

Couldn't say if all carriers support the eSIM though. So, verify whichever plans you get. That at least one supports eSIM.

Why do you need multiple plans? If you just need another number. You can get a VOIP type app for a cheap second number. Hushed is self contained for calls and texts. Burner will utilize your current voice and number but add a second line. Which you may burn whenever you want. There's other options for both types.

Another option is a full voice/data plan on the eSIM. Then a cheap data only plan for the SIM used with a VOIP app if you need another number.

Yes a dual sim phone can swap between two separate services. Not sure if any iPhone has it but all you need to do is do a web search to find any info about any of this.
Only the Chinese variant has dual sim. Same as listed above excepting the SE.
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