what is my best option for sound?


For the last 13 years I have been using a set of Logitech Z5500 5.1 digital speakers for surround on my pc and it seems they are dying. My PC is having problems seeing them at boot up and well, they are acting strange even when they do work. The speaker test in the realtek HD audio manager shows all 4 surround speakers are working (as does the speaker test in the sound option in control panel) but no applications will run the rear surround speakers. This seems odd to me.

That is using the analogue cables, could it be they need replacing? I tried digital but PC started to boot even slower and eventually I was getting no sound out of digital either.

The start up thing is why I have to replace them, I spent two months trying to work out why PC was slow to boot, it never clicked it was my speakers.

My question is, what should I replace them with? I see they are still listed on top 5 lists for 5.1 speakers even though you cannot buy them easily anymore. Also see that Logitech seemed to drop the ball on speakers after they made mine. So what should I look at?

I have a Asus Z97 Pro Wifi AC motherboard and curious, if I did buy headphones, which ones would be best to use the onboard sound it comes with. Currently using a set of Steelseries Siberia V 2 headsets (refer https://steelseries.com/gaming-headsets/siberia-v2-illuminated-diablo-iii) but they use USB to connect and the on board sound probably doesn't have anything to do with them.


I spent a few hours looking and it seems the choices of PC speakers hasn't really changed much in all this time. I didn't have the funds to buy a proper Home Theater system so I have order a set of Logitech Z906. They look so similar to my old speakers I am wondering how much of the old set I can re use, the speaker wire is the same, I might be able to use some of my satellite speakers too. And maybe the speaker dust covers as well.

If I get sound problems after that I will not be amused.
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