What is my original AC/DC Adapter?


Jul 5, 2014
Hello everyone, I was searching in the internet what is my original AC/DC adapter is and what specs are of it. Currently I have HP 120W, 18.5V 6.5A.

Laptop: Asus Rog G750JM-T4030H
CPU: I5-4200H
GPU: Geforce 860M 2GB
Cheapest price I can find.

It is very important to get OEM charger. I have seen many laptops come in with fried motherboards due to cheapo "generic" brand power supplies.
The OEM has an obvious interest in their power supply not frying your laptop as they are on the hook for warranty for a full year. The noname brand on the other hand already has your money once it fries your laptop and it is of no consequence to them.

In your case I amazed it can work with less volts and amps, certianly is not going to game well, replace that ASAP.
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