What is the best external dac/amp for virtual sorround headphones ( optical input needed) is for ps4 and Hd-598.


Jul 15, 2016
What is the best external dac/amp for virtual surronud for headphones ( optical input needed) for ps4 and HD-598?
the vast majority of external headphone dacs are 2.0 stereo only. the only ones i'm aware of which are not would be the dss/dss2, mixamp, e1/x7/g5/recon and the ones which come inside gaming headsets.

none of which i would call "great" solutions as they all have their pro/con and problems/ issues to deal with be it rediculously high cost, build quality, sound quality or feature set..


Jul 15, 2016
Thanks but i search hi-fi dac/amp with DTS Virtual/ Virtual Phone Technology/ Dolby Headphone, with optical input, i dont like creepy gamer audio, only search Hi-fi solid build professional audio or High end. I continue searching.......but very thanks.
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