What is the best gaming headset with good Bass?


Aug 9, 2010
Hello community,

I know this has been asked many times, but I read and haven't found a satisfying answer. Anyways, I used to have the sharkoon x-tactic sp headsets, they had some nice, strong sound with bass, but it also had hissing noise so didn't liked that. Now I have the corsaire HS1 5.1 headsets, while the 5.1 surround is nice, the sound is very weak, and bass almost not there. I want a headset, doesn't matter if 5.1 surround or not, that has clear and STRONG sound. For example when I shoot my assault gun in bf3, I want to hear strong sound with bass on it. The sharkoon headsets had that but they had hissing noise and were uncomfortable. I'm also on budget, so please don't recommended something expensive. Price range around 50-70 dollars. I don't want something that is absolutely the best but something that is good at that price range and has really good strong bass sound. Thank you all in advance.
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