What is the difference between Panasonic TX-P50VT50Y and TX-P50GT50Y?


Mar 29, 2012
I want to buy a new plasma for my desktop gaming PC by replacing my old lg-42SL80-LCD (first gen SL80 ~2007-2008)

Now bare in mind that the prices here in Norway are higher... :sarcastic:

I was window shopping in the electronics store earlier today and the LG-50PM680T was on sale for 1750$/1077£ but i changed my mind when i saw that it only got 3.000.000:1 compared to the Panasonic 5.500.000:1... :bounce:

So... i am either getting a TX-P50VT50Y for 2623$/1615£ or TX-P50GT50Y for 2624$/1616£... :??:

Why is the price the same :heink:

The major differences are:

TX-P50VT50Y > Smart VIERA Engine Pro, PIP/PAP/PAT

TX-P50GT50Y > PRO 4 Dual Core, PAT

What effect does these differences do :heink:

I cant find any threads with google about this so i just had to make a thread...sorry for the trouble.;)


Sep 4, 2009
First of all, don't look at those numbers. It's all marketing bs.

VT is and always was a flagship Panasonic TV. The main difference, compared to GT, is that it has slightly better display panel. Oh, it also has another remote... :) Functionality in both models is identical. Please read these reviews by flatpanelshd:

GT50 (with extensive description of smart apps):

VT50 (differences between GT are mentioned):

I now own my 3rd plasma from panasonic (G10, G30, VT50) and I have to say they are excellent TVs. No LCD has such a good picture quality.

The only thing I have to warn you about is some slight image retention, that exists even in VT50. It's only visible after prolonged periods of watching the same channel, and only on static black/dark grey background. It is not noticeable over moving images and is very quickly reduced.

However if you are going to use it as main PC monitor, maybe it would be better to buy a LCD display.

VT obviously should be more expensive. I don't know why the price is the same.
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