What is you take on new rugged, water- and dustproof phones?


May 3, 2017
For some time already, I noticed a new trend – a number of rugged phones showed up, some of them offering really interesting features. Since my two kids are able to kill basically any phone in three months or so, I checked some of these phones. Some of them are by completely unknown to me Chinese companies (supposedly doing well in China) with names like AGM, ZOJI, iMAN, Blackview, Sonim or Homtom, there is a phone by CAT, you can (maybe?) add here new Apple, LG and Samsung phones, although they are not really rugged ones.

What I wanted to ask is – do you think it is a fad, and you can have the same by basically adding just a decent rubber shell to any phone you currently own? Or, it is a trend that will grow, and in no time all phones will be everything-proof?