What should i do?


May 20, 2013
I need help deciding whether i should get a laptop or desktop.
Here are some details:
Im currently in highschool and am big into graphic design, video editing, and 3d model rendering. So i will need something that can manage several programs running at once. My recent laptop also broke 2 months ago and i have been saving up to buy a new computer before the school year starts. And anyways to make things more complicated my budget is $850. I would like less money spent but am also willing to go up to $925. also i do not have the "best" internet at my house. So i can't download anything from my house. So i have to be able to move my computer to free wifi locations and mainly my friends houses. because of this i think a laptop would be best. But for my budget i could build an insane desktop pc while the laptop would only be semi comparable to the desktop. So im hoping the community can help chose whats best and possibly come up with a build list of parts or a laptop model that would fit my situation best. Oh also i should mention i'm big into gaming to and would like to be able to run most fps games without too much lag. anyways THANKS! for reading this and i hope someday can help make my decision easier.