What straight talk sim will work on a unlocked Verizon iPhone 4s? The previous owners were using on st idk what sim they used.


Jun 25, 2017
Depens on if the sim is for CDMA LTE 4g,or GSM , or GSM LTE 4g , straight talk is powered by tracfone that has contracts with many carriers to use thier towers. If the sim previously was pinging off ATT towers then it would be GSM sim and not work in a verizon phone, If it previously pinged off verizon service then it would work, however that is provided the sim was purchased as BYOD bring your own device. If the sim was purchased to use in a straight talk phone then it wont be able to be used in another carriers phone. Really, if the verizon phone is unlocked, just put the sim in and try it, if its not an unlocked device, consider unlocking it. If the sim doesnt work, order a BYOD sim for the phone to be used.
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