What to buy!!


Mar 28, 2014
Hi guys,

So 2 months of searching for a laptop seems to of left me more confused than when I started!

I have tried to research the difference between AMD A10 and i7 and i5 processors and ssd drives compared with ata drives and with out much luck! Please someone help and point me in the right direction!

listed below are my requirements,

Budget - £600

Would like an average size, portable but not a tiddly notebook :)

Would prefer full HD but not a necessity.

Battery life 2 - 4 hours

Not a gamer but research led me to believe a dedicated graphics card is a must?

Use Photoshop, video editing, heavy internet, watching HD files/streaming,office 2010, multiple browsers

Would prefer 1tb HDD, but does the capacity matter as much as the function eg sata/ssd?

Two links to what I have found;


Minimum 3 years usage or is that asking a bit much at the pace we all move now?

Not bothered about an optical drive

Not bothered about brands, however

Are macs worth doubling my budget?

Live in the UK

Is there a big difference between i7 and i5?

Also after wandering through PC world I am worried about the poor build quality of some of the laptops in there, would be nice to have a sturdy good looking machine!

I thank you all in advance :)