What Tv...? Noob with no TV knowledge

Apr 3, 2018
Hello Tom's Hardware!

I have not purchased a TV for about 7 years (I never watch TV) so I know nothing about them.

I am looking to spend around $2000-$2,200 and currently looking at the following TVs. The TV would not be mounted and I may be interested in a cheap Soundbar for $100-200 if you have any recommendations.

65SK9000PUA (65inch) http://www.lg.com/us/tvs/lg-65SK9000PUA-4k-uhd-tv

XBR65X930E (65inch) https://www.sony.com/electronics/televisions/XBR-X930E-X940E-Series/buy/xbr65x930e

Do you guys have any preference? What is your opinion?


Sep 17, 2016
The LG OLED65B7A is occasionally for sale in that price range and would provide better picture quality than any of the mentioned TVs, simply because it's OLED. If you truly want to spend that much, OLED is what I suggest, as I have one and it looks even better than Plasma.

But if you just wanted a Smart LCD TV then the highest rated one is the cheap 65" TCL that goes for well under $1000. It has Roku built-in which is probably the best for a TV. Like with any Smart device, the apps stop getting updated after a few years so you should count on replacing it then, or at least adding-on a new Smart device like a USB Roku box or HDMI Blu-Ray player every few years.
I would go for the Sony myself but you would be happy with either one.
The Sony has Android built in so that would give you the most flexible online streaming. Sony has great video processing so less than 4k sources (most if not all of what you will be watching) will be upscaled with fewer artifacts.
Can't say which one has the best reliability but modern TVs are not built to last as long as older ones. They are cheaper though.
Whichever you get search online for the best calibration settings.
Apr 3, 2018

Thank you for the reply American.

I understand that they are not built to last. I just want one with decent picture that I could have for the next 2-3 years. It would be used in an office building so I don't want to go with a relatively cheap one.

Even though the Sony is a model year older you would still go with it?

I also found another one...
QN65Q6FNAFXZA (65" Samsung)