Solved! When to expect "price-drop"s?


Nov 19, 2018
For the last two weeks or so I am in a market for a (gaming) laptop.

The question is how long until the prices drop? So far current laptops that were released about a year ago, the prices have dropped by about 10-25%. With the introduction of RTX and Intel's 9th gen when are you expecting the price to further go down (first of all when will the both of them release?)? My other concern is surplus of GTX (due to Bitcoin farmers) and deficit of Intel CPUs for some reason.


The way I see it is that the prices were the same for the last 6 months (just now reaching the same lows as in September) and it would not be smart to pull the trigger now when the price can go down any moment.
Electronics get obsolete, prices go down. U have about a 6 month window and buy it at the right time and feel the genius for about 6 months.



You buy the thing when it is available, when you need it, and when it is at a price you want to pay.
Waiting is a fool's game.