Which gamer laptop? MSI, ASUS, MMVISION

Niklas Hervig

Sep 14, 2014
I'm really lost. I got 4 nice laptops I would like but cant decide.
I've got http://(1883$)
I can upgrade ram to 16gb for 89$ and Nvidia G-synch for 89$ which they do for me. There are many pros, its really future prof. Cons: Its ugly as hell.

Then the Asus Rog http:// (1486$) Would I take a gtx 960 4gb over a gtx 970 3gb?

http:// Msi makes some really cool gamer laptops.

The last one is also an Asus http:// this one is with a gtx980 4gb but the processor is an i7-4720 an the others are 6700. (1932$)

WOuld u also prefer an 17'' instead of 15.3''?
hope you can help me pick the right one :)




Feb 11, 2015
Hello Niklas,
Hope you're doing great. I think it would be easier to make recommendation if you could provide some info like what is the budget, what are the absolute MUST have features you are looking for (980M, GSYnc, skylake, etc), whether portability is a factor, things like that.
The features that I personally can't compromise on are 980M, Gsync, 17" (since it will be my primary gaming platform) and having price tag of $1500 or in the neighborhood. Based on that I did some research not too long ago and managed to shortlist the following:




Unfortunately I cannot give you my impressions on any of those since I haven't made a purchase yet. Currently I'm leaning towards the first choice i.e., ASUS ROG G751JY-WH71(WX). Hope it helps

Niklas Hervig

Sep 14, 2014
Thanks Starscream27.

Actually I have to say Im from Denmark so the prices for me is a bit higher than usual.
But im actually just looking for the laptop from MMVISION. It got the things I want. skylake processor, gtx970, 8-16gb ddr4 2133MHz and 500gb ssd. The only problem, its ugly as fuck. SO If I could find another laptop which would do as good as the MMvision I would be happy :)
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