Question Which is the better buy?

Feb 22, 2020
Sorry I did not see a Desktop forum. But I was looking for advice in terms of which would be better to get.

Currently I am looking to buy a spare pc for either my personal use(programming, streaming, mail, web, etc...) or to use as a plex server

There are two variants i could buy. One with intel i5 quad core 4590 or the intel i7 quad core 4790s.

the only thing is that the pc with the I7 i can only upgrade the ram to 16gb and the i5 to 32gb.

the prices are relatively the same, maybe like 30-40 diff between the i7 and i5.

Would you think the i5 and 32gb ram is a better buy than the i7 with 16gb ram?


Just because the systems come with that much RAM does not mean you can't upgrade it later. I would not worry much about a 4th gen system with 16gb of RAM vs 32, unless you run a lot of virtual machines on it at once. The system with the i7 CPU should have the ability to use as much RAM as the i5 system.