Which Laptop for gaming and college: Sager NP 8235 vs Force/MSI 176K


Aug 15, 2013
(Sager) http://www.xoticpc.com/sager-np8235-clevo-p151sm1-p-5840.html vs (Force/MSI) http://www.xoticpc.com/force-msi-176k8970-msi-gx70-barebones-eta-midlate-july-p-5817.html
Basically i have a budget that i want to keep at the $1100 range or lower and i have been shopping on Xoticpc.com and they seem to have the best prices and service. Basically the differences between the two seem to be nVidia geforce/Intel vs AMD.
The AMD 8970m seems to rank higher on the notebookcheck.net list than the GTX 770m.
But the intel i7 seems to rank higher than the AMD processor.
The MSI costs a tad bit less than the sager also, and i believe the MSI is better looking to the Sager, which is a tad bit boring IMO.
Also if theres any suggestions on other Laptop options (cooling fans or linings, etc.), or to just go with the GTX 765m on the other better looking laptops(IMO ;) )and sacrifice a bit of visual gaming quality.
Also, should i buy an OS such as 8 or 7, or can i use a Win. 7 install CD from my Desktop, like is there a product code or anything? I have never installed windows, but if its not too dificult id rather save the money and just do that.
Thanks for any help:)


Aug 16, 2013
I dont know if you are still asking this or you already bought it , buy i would not go with amd because even if they seem to have more power on paper , usually they get outperformed by nvidia or intel because of the build quality . My friend has a gtx 560 on a i7 3rd edition and he can run smooth almost anything so if you go with the 770 gtx you wont have any problems for the next 2-3 years in my opinion . especially with the 4th gen which has more power saving and a little faster ( 10 %) than 3rd gen.
About the ram 4 gig should be ok for a wile but you are better off with 8 gb of ram .


I agree the others. I would go with the Sager. I think the other one may have just a little bit better graphics, but its not by a significant margin, while the CPU in the Sager is better by a significant margin.