Which laptop should I buy? [2 options]


Oct 26, 2014
Hello. I'm looking for advice in a laptop purchase. I've found this two machines to be in the same price range in my country.

1) Toshiba Satellite L845 SP-4304LA [http://latin.toshiba.com/computadoras/laptops/satellite/l840/l845-sp4304la/]

2) Lenovo Thinkpad E430 [http://shop.lenovo.com/ar/es/laptops/thinkpad/serie-edge/e430/]

Notice that the Toshiba has an Intel Core I5 3210M, while the Lenovo has an I3 3120M. Both have 4GB of RAM and Integrated GPU Intel HD4000.
Both have 5400 RPM hard drives, but Toshiba's one is of 640GB while Lenovo's one has 500GB.
I think Lenovo's laptop comes with better quality sound (input and output) and probably better built quality.

I know both brands are reliable according to lots of forums, but I'm worried because the Toshiba is relatively down-priced. If it wasn't for this, I would buy Toshiba by its processor. Do you think the price is related to build quality?
I want a laptop for everyday tasking (office, multimedia and ocassional gaming with low demanding games), but I want it to last at least 4-5 years.

What would you do if it was your decision?
Thanks in advance.


the build quality on lenovos, from my personal opinion and experience, is better than toshiba. although i did have a toshiba and was very pleased with it