Which laptop to watch movies on tv in 1080p?


Oct 14, 2013
How to choose laptop which can display movies in 1080p with hdmi cable on hdtv(lg 55" led 1080p). I do care about other specification but for now I just want to find find out about that 1080p?
So how do you guys know which laptop can display 1080p through hdmi cable?
if it's 15"laptop, can it display 1920x1080 on wallpaper?


Aug 9, 2011
Nearly every modern laptop which has an HDMI output should be able to play video at 1080p. I do recommend that it have some form of dedicated graphics though because you can get some choppy playback if you use microsoft's on board HD graphics. A laptop with AMD's APU would be an inexpensive option as a home theatre system.

As always it's good to double check with the manufacturers website before purchasing to confirm.
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