Which lens yo get ?? :(


Feb 22, 2013

I need some help . I'm looking for a lens to replace my 18-55mm I can't decide on whether to get the cannon 18-135mm -$299 on amazon or 28-135mm -$399 on amazon. Money is not an problem but I want to know which lens is a better quality and which would do the job the best .


Get the 28-135mm one, because the level of barrel distortions is extreme at 18mm, but it is a general problem in this lens class.

And other question is that what are you doing with the lens? If for landscape photo, then the 18-135mm may a good one but don't use the 18mm end, and use the 20mm or 24mm range.
The reason for the price difference is because the 'F stop' is different. This can be offset by taking pictures under good lighting conditions.

I got good results with my Nikon 24mm film camera lens which is the equivalent of an 18mm digital camera lens (because of the sensor size).

Go with the Cannon 18-135mm -$299